Toxic Roots: Why Zambians of Congolese Origin Hide their Heritage

12 Feb

Elias Munshya, LL.M, MBA, M.DIV.

By E. Munshya wa Munshya

To treat a topic of this nature, a definition of terms is in order. Being of Congolese origin or heritage is a complex notion. However, in this article I use it to describe Zambian citizens with sufficient Congolese connections such as culture, tribe, family, and origins. I do not wish to use this term to describe the Luba-Lunda migrations, but to latter migrations of peoples at least after the 1950s.

Two of Zambia’s neighbours have left an indelible mark on Zambian culture and national identity. These two countries are Malawi and Congo DR. In an earlier article, I had already pointed out the influence that Malawi and her diaspora has had on Zambian political and cultural life. It is time, therefore, for me to turn to the Congo.

The Congo DR shares a 2000-kilometer border with Zambia. None of the other eight (or nine) neighbours…

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